Brunel is serviced regularly by the owners, in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The engine oil and filter changed every 250 hours.

She carries a full range of tools and spare parts, including pumps.

Major replacements and repairs have been carried out as follows:

April 2015

January 2016

April 2016


September 2018

Roanne Port

Toul (Duncan Flack)


Wittring dry dock

Cercy la Tour

Starter battery replaced

Drive plate replaced

UJs (2) to both ends of carden shaft replaced

New black water pump fitted and pipework re-configured

Hull pressure washed

Hull repainted with Comastic bitumen

Propellor shaft sleeve replaced

Smaller Crowther 3 bladed propellor fitted

5 bladed bowthruster propellor fitted

Domestic batteries (7) replaced

Inverter/charger replaced

Battery monitor replaced