The vessel was purchased by the Syndicate in May 2012, from a Belgian national in Namur.


She was re-named Brunel and registered on the UK Small Ships Register as SRR 123567.


The Syndicate is self-managed in accordance with a fairly standard form of Agreement.  (a copy maybe obtained by expressing interest to (enquiries


An Annual General Meeting is held in November/December each year, to elect a Manager and Treasurer, and to agree any maintenance requirements, the cruising area, dates of occupation, the winter mooring and recharges for the following year.


At present, there are two members, both resident in the UK and holding 50% each.


Brunel’s cruising calendar is made up of 28 weeks, starting on a Sunday, with 16 summer weeks (4 x 4 week periods), 6 spring (2 x 3 week periods) and 6 autumn (2 x 3 week periods).   At the AGM, the member at the top of the list, chooses one of the 4 week summer periods and the member at the bottom, chooses one of the 3 week spring or autumn periods.  Then, the second member on the list chooses his summer period and the third member chooses his spring or autumn period, and so forth.  Each year a member moves up the list.  Hence, there is no fixed period associated with a share.  Additional time can be spent on board, outside the cruising periods, by prior notification.


There is no back to base requirement, with the two shareholders agreeing a handover point at the end/start of their cruise.  Good access and public transport links are required.


Recharges are based on the following elements:


Monthly Subscription

This is intended to cover the fixed costs of running Brunel, including insurance, cruising licence, winter mooring, provisions for haul out, painting and battery replacement, together with a contingency.

For 2019, this has been set at £80 per month for each 25% share.

As at 31st January 2019, the Syndicate funds amount to £4,000, having paid for the mooring in Sillery until April and having fully refuelled Brunel with diesel.


Daily Charge

This is intended to cover the domestic costs and includes cooking gas, water filters, galley equipment, etc.

For 2019, this has been set as £5 per day Brunel is occupied.


Fuel costs

With 3000 litre tanks, Brunel can be run for the whole season without the need to re-fuel.   At the end of the season, the tanks are normally topped up by tanker at the quay side.

Costs are recovered by charging hourly rates for the use of the engine, Webasto central heating and Bubble stove.  Shareholders record the readings on each of the three hour meters at the end of their cruise.

The engine hourly rate is also intended to cover the costs of servicing, ropes and fenders.

The rates for 2019 have been set at £7.00 per hour for the engine, £0.80 per hour for the Webasto and £0.50 for the Bubble stove.